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Pop ! Get Inspired at Every Turn


Tung Wah Centenary Square Garden

Address Tung Wah Centenary Square Garden , Wan Chai
Category #ddPaintHKWALLS

Jaba participated in concept design for films such as Transformers, Iron Man and Star Trek. Therefore, the three-dimensional processing and composition of the characters in the works are full of sci-fi movie feelings. In fact, there was only a big tree in Jaba's original draft. However, after visiting Hong Kong in person, many local elements, such as ferries, trams, Victoria Harbour scenery, etc. are added, making the design more interesting and authentic.


Tang Shiu Kin Victoria Government Secondary School

Address 5 Oi Kwan Rd, Morrison Hill
Category #ddPaintHKWALLS

The work is an eternal art form. INSA uses GIF to present the ideas “Life is running in a circle”. Have you ever think about what is the ultimate goal of your life?


Morrision Hill Swimming Pool

Address 7 Oi Kwan Rd, Wan Chai
Category #ddPaintHKWALLS

The idea of the mural is to juxtapose the real life experience against the digital experience. In the works, there are blue checkers on both sides of the swimming pool, which represent the pixelated pool water with the window effect; but in the same space, there is a yellow sign which you can always find in the reality.


7 Mallory Street

Address 7 Mallory Street, Wan Chai
Category #ddStory

7 Malloy Street is comprised of a cluster of 10 pre-war Grade II historic buildings. After refurbishment, it is now a venue for exhibitions and arts and cultural events.


Kong Wan Fire Station

Address 14 Harbour Road, Wan Chai
Category #ddStory

Five local typography designers designed 5 sets of “fire station” in bilingual fonts on the red folding gates to represent Hong Kong’s unique characteristic where “East meets West” and to pay tribute to the firemen of Hong Kong.


Lee Tung Street

Address 200 Queen's Road East, Wan Chai
Category #ddStory

Lee Tung Street was home to a number of printing shops, and is best-known for printing wedding cards, hence was nicknamed by the locals as “Wedding Cards Street”. The street is now redeveloped into a residential area comprised of a shopping street.


Front of Hong Kong Arts Centre

Address 2 Harbour Road, Wan Chai
Category #ddSharing

Maggie Wong was inspired by this nuanced beauty. She extracted the delicate rhythm of colours and shapes and created an abstract pavement painting at the entrance of the Hong Kong Arts Centre. 


Lockhart Road

Address Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay

Lockhart Road is a well-known design cluster in Hong Kong Island, with an array of shops ranging from interior/furniture design to decoration materials.


Foo Tak Building

Address 365-367 Hennessy Rd, Wan Chai

Located in the center of a busy town, the Foo Tak Building has become a place nurturing a diversity of cultural groups for more than a decade. In this seemingly old and ordinary building, there are in fact 18 cultural units inhabiting. Behind each of the typical Hong Kong apartment doors, one is to encounter creativity and possibility beyond unlimited imagination.

Pop ! Get Inspired at Every Turn